Justin Vanegas

A Farewell Device is the brainchild of Bay Area bassist/songwriter Justin Vanegas. Combining elements of pop-punk and musical theater, and taking notes from legendary musicians such as Ben Folds, Pete Townsend and Billie Joe Armstrong, Vanegas has self-produced three full length albums under this moniker, including the band’s triumphant self-titled debut in 2012 and two ensuing releases. 

To date, the band’s pair of full-length albums have chronicled the life story of protagonist Joey and his eccentric group of friends as they encounter love, tragedy, and the occasional bout of shenanigans throughout their lives. The albums weave an evocative tale; equal parts dark and humorous as Vanegas and his crew of guest musicians and vocalists bring the story to life before your ears. 

Whether performing with a full band or as a solo artist, the goal of any AFD performance is to provide a memorable, fun, and energetic experience for the audience. From dynamic originals to a wide range of covers both well-known and niche, an AFD set promises surprises and entertainment abound throughout the night. 

With a renewed purpose and upright zeal, Vanegas has big plans for the immediate and long-term future of A Farewell Device. Both performing all over Northern California as well as working on new albums to continue the story he started telling with the first album years ago.